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REVIEWS OF Morgan & Morgan IN Alabama

Alfanelys Romero

Shannon Strickland

Kyle Durden

Rosalie Lima

ken toney

Morgan and Morgan are the best! My attorney, Dylan was so Awesome! He worked to make sure, I got the best outcome. W hen, I tell you I'm staisfied! I'm totally satisfied. I recommend you use Morgan and Morgan. They are truly the Best.

Marcia Chichester

Bubba Buford

They have changed attorneys 2 or 3 times plus the girl In office who is the contact person will not return our call. I would not recommend at all..

Danielle Mcelduff

They are a joke they are not at all for the people

Marianne Lower

My recommendation: Unethical Law Firm - Do not use for Personal Injury. I had an accident where I fell in a poorly maintained parking lot with hills and depressions that were hard to see. I was not sure if I broke an ACL or not, and felt I should contact a law firm just in case I ended up needing surgery and the parking lot owner didn't want to share insurance information. I called Morgan and Morgan because it is hard to not know there name from all the marketing blasts. A depressed sounding individual answered the phone, then transferred me to another depressed sounding individual. This individual was supposedly the intake person, and proceeded to ask me a ton of questions that had nothing to do with whether or not I had a case or not. They asked for my Social Security Number, My Drivers License Number, how old I was, was I married or divorced, a lot of other invasive privacy questions. They then tried to get me to use DocuSign ON MY CELL PHONE (nearly impossible to read) to get me to sign a contract with Morgan and Morgan that GAVE AWAY my right to privacy of ALL protected Health Information as well as GAVE AWAY my right to sue Morgan and Morgan for unethical attorney practices. As well the contract they tried to get me to sign on my phone nickle and dime'd their fee up to what would have been 50% to 60% of any settlement, if there had been one. I have never had a personal injury case, and this one won't be one either because my knee appears to be okay, but I will never contact Morgan and Morgan again and I don't recommend anyone else does either. Their marketing slug says they are for the people. I say they are for themselves ONLY and law firms like this one gives the entire legal apparatus a bad name. They could have determined if I had a case in 5 minutes or less. As another law firm did. But Morgan and Morgan thinks so little of prospective clients that they spent well into an hour wasting my time, invading my privacy, trying to capture enough personal information as to steal my identity if they have the slightest disgruntled employees (and based on how depressed they sounded, there were plenty that weren't happy with their job), etc etc. Don't call these people. Use Google Reviews.

Whitley Hood

Christian Bibee

Matt Hostetter

I Clearly had a discrimination lawsuit with a company where me and my husband where working and we was the only 2 white people working in the entire crew at the company and never was said we were fired at all, but they said they cant help us? ok yeah sure wasted my time.

Byron Mortensen

Jon Fliniau

My lawyer Robb Hendrix has been amazing keeping me informed and whats going on. I have been very Pleased with the process of my case. I would recommend Morgan & Morgan to anybody!!

lety girl

Keenan Paicely

Dawn Trullinger

Geraldine Roberts

naymond clark

The lawer that sits dowm in the lobby and his assistant do not do you right by getting you the information that you suppose to get when you have paid them your money. I will never use them again!

Kenneth Shands

The “Best Law Firm”I have ever dealt with! Would recommend them to anyone!

C Smith

First day. So far so good! Very helpful to begin.

Kimberly A. Mantia

Tony Feltman

It should be illegal for an employer to check the background on anyone unless they are checking employment backgrounds. STOP ADVOCATING criminal background investigation before employment. People make mistakes and shouldnt be judged by what they do away from their job. It is legal discrimination.

Carlin Wininger

Marcus Daniels

christine mahoney

Mike willes

Was very satisfied with my experience with Morgan & Morgan. When I placed a call to them they returned my call and had someone come to my residence and assigned a lawyer for my case right there. The attorney got back to me we discussed my case and he told me how we were going to proceed. I believe that had I not called Morgan & Morgan I would not have received the medical attention I needed, and that the insurance company for the company I worked for would not have done anything to address my injury. I was very satisfied with out the outcome of my case, and the attention my attorney gave me. I would recommend Morgan & Morgan to my family and friends.

Laurie Bakmaz

Lawrence Butcher

Hannah Gabon

jennifer schraufnagl

Sonya Nicholson


After I initially call Morgan and Morgan I quickly got a response back. I need help filling out my social security disability eligibility forms which I was confused on how to fill them out. I called Morgan & Morgan and the reception is quickly connecting me to the disability department and the lady I spoke to set up a time next day appointment for me and I went in and I was helped filling out the blinks in the forms in which I didn't know what that means were. They were quick to file my appeal and I am very grateful and happy that there were able to do so so quickly.

aimee hooper

James Murray

Shelley Stonehill

jnarcus .

Justin Lowrey made my workers Comp case understandable. He and his staff helped me navigate the ins and outs of a confusing process. I received a fair payout. It was a pleasure working with all of them

mygamesummer dander23

They excepted my case and for 1yr. did nothing at all.payed no bills and after 13 .

William Bermudez sr

Renata Torres

Donna Wilson


Arthur Woods

Amanda Sanders

Beware of these guys. You’ll get channeled to a national call center out of state. Talk to a customer service agent and explain your case. Then if your worthey you’ll be transferred to an assistant to tell your whole story again. That assistant will then send a detailed email to actual attorneys in another state to decide if they will take your case from a typed email from a call center. It reminded me of calling the phone company with a problem with my service and they transferred me several times trying to figure out what I needed. If your going to look for a tv attorney there’s better options for sure. Personally I wasted an hour and a half with these goons. Local guy picked up the case and already have a court date.

Sharon Williams

So far SO good. Haven't heard much since my case was I'm guessing np news is good news. Whenever I need to reach someone I always get a quick response back.

Tracy Noble

Jamie Wiggins

Fast, dependable and reliable law firm, who will definitely keep you in the loop!

Tori Jackson

Reno Smith

If I could share and put a negative 5 I would... why would Morgan and Morgan call me back tell me they are going to take my case then wait 4 weeks call me back after signing papers and then tell me that they cant do anything? This place is a damn joke I do not recommend Morgan and Morgan fo find someone else that can actually help because they can't.

Raymond Perez

Sherry Gibbons

Greg Cooke

Donnie Reams

My wife called them about a workmans comp claim, All they said was NO no explanation! Guess there wasn't enough money involved.

angie torres

Marie Applegate

When I fell at the premium outlets in Orlando, as soon as I went to the hospital and then saw my orthopedic I contacted Morgan and Morgan! I needed support and direction on how to handle this company as well as someone to fight for me to get my medical and financial taken care of! They agreed to take my case and contacts me bi weekly to see how I’m doing and how my knees and PT is going! If you have questions and need someone to be there for you at least give Morgan and Morgan a call, don’t hesitate it costs you nothing. Marie Applegate

Robin Hightower

Doug Norman

Rene Ranieri

lovonia grant

Maureen Merchant-Johnson

Pamela smith

Bernie Early

Clyde Keller

Adrienn Wiebe

My case consultant, Jessie Cardona, was extremely helpful. Awesome experience!

Zubair Alam

Gwen Dickerson

If I could give no stars I would. My son recently contacted this law firm just to speak with a lawyer due to the death of his father in a hospital and it was a disaster from the beginning. First he called in to speak with a answering service who asked all personal information including his social security number which I didn't understand why it was needed. And then it took a month without hearing from anyone be called just to see if he would hear from an attorney and spoke with the same receptionist company that said his case was referred to someone else and that they had his information regarding the incident and they would contact him. Needless to say after 2 more weeks of waiting he called the law firm himself and that office stated they had not received anything regarding his case nor do they represent medical malpractice cases. After contacting Morgan and Morgan( the receptionist) again he was told someone else would contact him after apologizing for the mix up. Well after waiting again my son called in again and that law firm stated they didn't know of his case but they could not accept the case. The reason we chose Morgan and Morgan was because of the commercials and the reviews but I would not recommend this law firm to anyone. We never spoke with an attorney to even listen to what we needed or even if we had a legitimate issue.

Natalie Virciglio

Do Not believe their commercials. They are based in Orlando. you don't speak to an attorney or anything close to an attorney when you call. You go through a very lengthy questionnaire with a "call center" operator then you are told an attorney will call you back with in 24hrs, again not true. Two weeks later I received a call from someone at their office stating the attorneys decided they could not take my case. The person would not tell me why. They did recommend that I call the state bar association to find an attorney for my case. They are a complete waste of time. Call anyone else but these guys.

Joe Arnold


Angelina Whidden

Patricia Cothran

The staff is great. They listen, I was informed of information that I was unaware of. To be knowledgeable is very important.


I signed a retainer agreement nearly 3 months ago and I haven’t heard not one word at this point I want my case dropped for no charge

Erin Morgan

Dennis Garcia

Quick process and serviceable

melissa knowles

Robert Urban

Jay Crisp

Patrana Mckinney

charles strickland

Did a good job getting me a settlement for my case.

Pedro Gonzalez

Pearline Lewis

Ethel G

Jessica Burgos

They have been very responsive and sensitive to details in my case.

Steve Foster

Nicole Yawney

Kaylon Casteen

Gregory Clark

Kenneth Bell

Los Portales Lasalle

cindy nolen

Keith Rose

Richard Tidwell

PrincessAlice SuperStar

Lisa Smith

I did not make a mistake by calling and getting my case started. I've always been written off, but not this time. Staff was friendly and took the time to listen me. Thank you for everything. Morgan and Morgan are my team!

Richard Almeida

They doing great job with my cases

Chris Mackley

Worst attorney law firm. And not just the alabama branch. My 3 1/2 yr old was hurt in a restaurant while management and two police officers did nothing. Was bleeding and required emergency care. Morgan and Morgan firm said my sons injury was not worth their lawyers time.

Teleishia Kirkland

I called on 09/04/2018 to get a consult with them to see if they would take my case, I was told that I would receive some paperwork to sign and email back. I received the documents and they where blank and they wanted me to sign blank document with no name, no numbers no nothing on them. I called them back the next day questioning the document and what the lady was say did not make sense to me and it sounded like she got tired of me asking her questions about the documents that she could not answer. So she finally said I will have and attorney contact you shortly, i said, “ OK but I am at work if I dont answer they need to leave a message. Someone did call me back but I dont beleive it was and attorney andthey left a message for me to call them back. I called them back today and i asked for the person that left me the message because they left their name and number. I asked to speak to that person that left me the message ( it was a male) a female got on the line and told me that they could not take my case because of the state it happened in. I asked her why they told me that they would and sent me document to sign as well, she said I dont know who mislead you and told you that but we can not take your case because of the state in which the accident happened. On 09/04/2018 when I first called I asked did they have a office here in my state the lady said yes and that they do have representatives in my state. These people are a waste of time and want you to sign blank document.

Ligia Zambrano

Michael Sytsma

jemima fabre

Alexis Haislip

Shirley Sapp-Davenport

Krystal Couch

Kenneth Sipp

Stephen Rosato

It is so hard to get a free consultation. It seems like I go straight to a call center environment. I was really skeptical to speak with them because it doesn’t seem like a law office. I’m not to confident they are capable of handling my case.

Jillian Dendy

León Felipe

Michael Chukinas

Echo Keehner

Jeremy G

AB Money

Jace Robinson

MeShawn West

Ezekiel Jones

Three times in my life I’ve called and asked for help. Not one time would you take my case. I’m currently diagnosed with a brain tumor my insurance Will not pay. Morgan and Morgan won’t help again because they don’t take my type of case and they say that they can’t help!!! I’m about to lose everything!!! And still just call someone else give me a number to a company not even in my state. Is there anyone who can help me please???? The Alabama or Georgia Bar we’re not of any assistance either.

X Bones

Great people. Like what they stand for.

Vezelee Wuokolo

Ken Yancey

Dylan, was very knowledgeable and informative on my Workers compensation claim and got me a fair settlement in a minimal amount of time

Carlo Fry

William Hand

Edward Grygo

Everyone so far I have worked with at this firm has been extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. Thank you.

Alessandra Foley

Sabrina May

My experience with Morgan & Morgan was excellent. My case was handled with dignity and respect I felt confident that Morgan & Morgan had My best interest at heart.

Tius Leonard

Morgan & Morgan are the best. They didn't get me the money, I expected but they took care of me in every other way. My lawyer Mrs. Sherrill Britt was amazing,I have referred Morgan/Morgan to A lot of my clients. Thank God for Morgan/Morgan,they are for the people.

Donna Husick

Brittany Nabbs

Suzanne Esenwein

Alyssa Ellerbe

Alice Flippen

Russell Gnann

You've guys helped my wife back in 2015. And look forward to working with you all again!

Paul Snow

Jesumene Sinor

Tamson Sloman

W Gibson

Kevin Sanchez

Dorothy Burnham

Emily Dimsdale

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