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REVIEWS OF Armstrong & Associates IN Alabama

Rudy Abac Ordonez

Kellden5999 .

I have been paying an old hospital bill via Armstrong for a long while now. I have had nothing but good experiences with this agency. I decided to write a review after seeing all the negative reviews posted on Google. One thing to note is that many people do not have anything to say unless they have a 'negative experience'. Its also worth noting that I pay my bill. Sometimes, I may be a few days, weeks, or even a month late, but the team is always willing to work with me because of my past payment history (I assume). I too work in a field where people are less than likely to pay their debts so I understand. I have also been on the other end as the debtor. Know this, when you accept credit, later billing, or skip out on any form of repayment, you subject yourself to all collection efforts within the parameters the law permits. At some point, you gave your word to a entity saying you would pay or repay within some established payment plan. You did not do that. Now that agency has to pay the collection agency in order to get you to remit payment. Be advised that if you did not owe a collection then you would not be receiving calls and letters from anyone except more creditors looking to give you more money because you are a person of your word...Do not look to make excuses...look to pay off your debts and learn from whatever mistake was made to put you in this spot in the first place. Long story short, pay your debts my people.

Steven Rougon

Call from a restricted number. No respectable company does this.


Website does not work so I have to pay by phone which is a 6 dollar fee.

Kimberly Moss


*Website is useless...can't reach anyone. *Representative didn't care to explain that the company website is useless. *Company had over 92 years to make a useful website, and still nothing.

Tim Minarik

Their website does not work. Links are dead.

Angela Franklin

Constantly call all hours of day and night they don't say anything and just hang up on me.... Won't answer any of my questions about why they calling my phone ..... Complete harassment

Larry Fletcher

Janice Jackson

Typical *ole school*style collection agency. The system of harassment and intimidating people who have debts aren't viewed as the norm by laws set in place for most states. Call once to a persons job, if that person has a direct line;and once to their personal phone.New laws in place now can work to protect the person who is delinquent in paying a bill. My state has in place a $1500.00 a call fine paid directly to the person being harassed by the creditor/collection agency. It doesn't matter if they DO owe. Using robot and phishing numbers will also encurr a fine if the collection agency repeatedly calls, especially if the person ask them NOT to call back. And with technology through cell apps I've captured and recorded all collection calls for 6 months, some of theses apps record and save numbers up to 12 months. So people stop arguing or being harrasssed by these *Encourable*,mindless collection DRONES. Get an app,get lawyered up, block and record the calls and get paid. And after you get paid .... Pay them. He heh!!!!

Debbie Shook

I have a hospital bill and doctor bills from an unexpected surgery I was paying on, but apparently I wasn't paying it fast enough for the hospital. My bills were all turned over for collection. I received a call from A&A. In over 2 years, I've only recieved 2 calls from them. The 1st to set up payment arrangements. The second call was to let me know they received another bill from hospital and all bills were combined so I would only have to make 1 payment. The person I spoke with was so nice and understanding. I asked about a website to make my payments and was told they do not have a website, I can pay over phone, but there is a charge. She advised me to mail in the payment and if I have any problems, just contact her. No big deal, I write a check and put it in the mail. I dealt with collection agencies years ago and was treated like I was a terrible person. I was treated with respect and understanding by the rep from A&A.

Mana Tetley

They call and call but don't say anything or just hang up.


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