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leonson campbell

I'm a current student. Just an advice to all incoming student make you have a portfolio and save all work from previous college classes. To all freshmen make you have some knowledge of elevation, and scion drawings as well as section drawings. Other than that the school is a beautiful college, and the view of the college is beautiful at night, and the teacher are supportive. But make sure you really are dedicated to the major you choose to study.

Kelly Paris

There are a lot of things about the BAC that prospective students should carefully consider. First of all, you must work in an architectural firm (or related) and start accumulating hours of credit. In addition to that, students must advance in what they call "skill levels" which have to be updated every so often. After the second and fourth year, you must submit a portfolio which includes design studio work and examples of work produced at the firm you are working with. At those times, your skill level should be at a certain number before you can progress in your academic studies. You must also pass your portfolio review before you can go further. Although, you can still take courses towards your degree, you are not allowed to take the next design studio until you can meet the skill level minimum and pass the portfolio. This can cause delays in getting through the program and graduating. Students who fail the reviews end up attending extra semesters to meet whatever needs that the reviewer expresses. My biggest disappointment with them is that you CANNOT GRADUATE until you've made it to skill level 8 (as of this writing). This means that even if you've met all the academic requirements but have not met the minimum hours at an architecture or design related firm or advanced to level 8, you won't graduate. You can still schedule random practice assessments after you've completed the academic program, where they evaluate your professional work to see if your level can be raised, but until you reach 8, you can't graduate. The school does not give you a job somewhere. That is up to you to find. Even though the school's practice department offers help on resumes, how to write cover letters and other helpful advice, there is no guarantee you'll be given a job, especially if the economy is poor. Too few jobs, too many students seeking employment. So, the question you must ask yourself is whether or not you want to spend a lot of money at this school when there is no way of knowing you'll be granted the degree you seek simply because the firms chose not to hire you. I spent the last 4 years trying to get my master's degree in architecture and finishing up my thesis next month and I'm told I can't graduate because I haven't attained skill level of 8 yet. I start paying back on loans in a few months, no degree, and no job. By the way, the school does not tell you about these requirements until after you've paid your intent to enroll deposit and attending the orientation at the beginning of your first semester. I would strongly advise students who want to enter into architecture as a profession to seek a traditional college or university that offers the professional degrees (B.Arch, M.Arch) because they are more streamlined. Also, find out from the school you are looking into attending what the turnover rate is. How many entering students ultimately graduate from that institution? The higher the percentage, the better, which means the more satisfied the students were with their education. The BAC has a low percentage of about 20 percent. Only 1 in 5 entering students eventually graduate. The others gave up on architecture altogether or transferred to other architecture schools. Make no mistake, the BAC is risky business. So with that, I do not advise enrolling at the BAC.

Elwyn Martinez-Abreu

this college is stressful and not worth it.

Haoyun Yang

Zhongbing Qian

Great college Stressful but learned a lot.

jevin li

I am a graduate student from BAC in March. six years' studying in the school but already got 4+ years working experience at premium architecture firm in Boston. The school have good reputation in Boston area. But enter with caution, you have to commit high dedication to yourself rather than counting on the school only. This is not a academic only colleague, but counting on "practice credits" also. There is no starchitect professor that would make student famous too, you have to cultivate-self with extreme effort.

Anthony Daniel

Boston Architectural College, located in Back Bay, Boston, is an independent, professional university. It has a degree in architecture, interior design, landscape design and design studies. The Boston School of Architecture's focus is on providing exceptional design education through classroom learning, practice and integration with a diverse community. Its predecessor was a club founded by architects in the Boston area in 1889, so the Boston School of Architecture has been in close contact with professional design groups throughout history. This connection ensures that the Boston School of Architecture can adhere to its integrated design education philosophy. The Boston School of Architecture is both a teacher and a professional at work. The Boston School of Architecture maintains a commitment to combining academic and experimental, practice-based learning. Through the dynamic learning model of the Boston School of Architecture, students gain academic knowledge in the classroom while applying what they have learned to the field of practical experience. This approach helps students connect theory and practice to their ability to solve complex problems and design parameters in today's global and diverse communities. The Boston School of Architecture offers a variety of courses that are based on the combination of academics and practice. Students can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, interior design, landscape design, or design research. The Boston School of Architecture also offers professional and adult education and online courses, as well as a variety of professional certificate programs, from design to historical monument preservation. The Boston School of Architecture also diversifies its design profession by achieving its goal of open-minded admissions, which enables students who have no chance and talent to receive these excellent design education.

Jeff Turner

It served me well in gaining the experience needed for my architectural career. No IDP!

Urmiket Patel

Better than any other colleges

Autumn Waldron

I was one of the first accepted accelerated Masters Program students. Finished a MArch in two years while working after having a BS in Architecture. It allowed me to work and afford to live while taking classes at night. It is not easy, and takes many people much longer but it is do able. The worst part of the school is the administration of the practice department and the general organization and lack of communication from the admin. They force the use of Moodle which is terrible. Since the teachers are also working professionals there is a large gap in quality. Some are awesome, and some are terrible. Overall it was a worthwhile experience due to the ability to work. Not that the school helps you find a job in any meaningful way.

Michael Perez

Sophie Hesper

Our team has enjoyed the course and the time with your team. Thanks in particular to Jane for her hospitality and for showing us around. We will book our next course soon.

Nived Warge

can we do 11th & 12th in this college ? please

Raynor Bugayong

Three stars because of my experience working here. Not bad but not exemplary either.

Laura Culbertson

Leo B

Mola Acid

A friend of mine was stupid enough to join this college, and though she (and still) thinks it is awesome place - however, any sane person would see how overpriced the place is, and when she discovered that she won't graduate after a certain specific number of semesters, she still thinks the place is awesome. Apparently, you can have negative IQ - but, to each his own. Still the place is overpriced, overrated, and does not deserve the effort. But again, to each his own.

Tianyi Xiong

Nelson Flores

Gyan aryan


Christopher Clinton

Gerald Forsburg

this is a great option for working professionals. High teacher to student ratio and the professors care and know real life. Highly recommend.

Kenny Wolf

the best if you want a career in architecture

Amna Manzar

Jisun Shin

Arely Guevara

lingchuan meng

Neil Yarumian

The BAC is a scam, They use open additions to pray on young students, get them in the system and $50,000 in dept, and then have a number of hoops to jump around before they can continue with the education. Like practice reviews and portfolio submissions, things every other architecture school doesn't require. I was a student there for 6 years before transferring to a state school to finish my architecture degree at 1/4th the cost. It honestly is a better education as the faculty higher-up consider you their peers and are not power hungry like those at the BAC With a $35,000 a year tuition and a completion rate a 5%. The BAC needs to be investigated for corruption. Things I went through while at the BAC: -They lost 1/3 the campus but tuition went up that year, -They highered a professor who lived in Chicago, He canceled ever other class -After failing a structures class they fired the professor for her incompetence, but my grade remained the same. -Even when I had double the work hours required to move to segment two, (working with an architect, builder, and land surveyor) they held me back for not presenting my practice portfolio in there layout form. (I was un-aware there was such a template, something that would not have been overlooked at my state school because the staff actually has time to look out for you)

Allyson Lujares


Very bad servises, stressful work but you actually couldn't learn a lot. It just fits the student with no background of architecture, but which student w architectural background and experience will like that? You just can't grow. And the director of the thesis almost never work outside! What they teach doesn't connect to the world. It's just a platform you play with, waste your time and get just really a paper.

John Tatone

10/10 would do it again. Study & work at the same time. Get the Grad Degree while running around Boston for a week per semester (Distant Learning Program)... It's a no-brainer..... Pro Tip : Finish your final presentation and go to Abe & Louie's by yourself for a Bone-In Filet and a glass of scotch... tears of joy.

Lucas P Davariz

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